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Download PinPoint 6.1

Please don't reveal this page location to anyone. It's important to me that evaluators and customers fill in the info form so I can stay in touch with them. Thanks!

General Information

Thanks for taking an interest in PinPoint Astrometric Engine V6.1. The download is a full function kit, with a 60 day evaluation limit. Purchasing a license will remove the time limit.

Downloading PinPoint

Please note that you will also need the a reference catalog, such as the Guide Star Catalog 1.1, available at It is recommended that you use the self-contained installer, otherwise go to the IndividualParts subfolder and read the directions there. The catalog comes on the CD-ROM you get when you purchase a license. Other catalogs can be used, see Downloading and Using PinPoint Reference Catalogs on the DC-3 Dreams Communication Center.

Once you install PinPoint, please please read the read me file. It is opened by the install program. I have tried really hard to make it easy for non-technical people.

Getting Support

All of our support (both pre-sales support and value-added customer support) is conducted at the DC-3 Dreams Communication Center. If you have purchased a license, you will automatically be registered as a customer at the Communication Center and given access to the value-added Customer Support sections. If you want pre-sales help, drop us a line and request a guest account, then log in to post to the Pre-Sales Help section.